Semper Fi Warriors


The Semper Fi Warriors will now be a part of The Semper Fidelis Foundations support for our Veterans with disabilities. We will give back to those who have given us a part of their mind, body and soul to keep what we cherish most, our FREEDOMS, safe and strong.

September 2015 Lake Vermilion fishing trip

On September 19th we arrived at Vermilion Dam Lodge in Northern Minnesota around 6pm with our good friend and Vietnam Veteran Jim “Red” Reichert for our second annual Semper Fi Warrior trip. The other three Veterans were still on the road heading in from Michigan and Chicago. By nights end all were on board and ready for a good nights sleep after the 12hours plus on the road. This years weather was very cooperative with sun, low 70’s and 50’s at night, and the fish were cooperating this year too. Vermilion Dam Lodge is known for their great hospitality, food, the fishing experience and great guide service on the lake. The guides for this years trip were able to help our Veterans bring in their limits as well as put on an excellent shore lunch one afternoon with lake perch, walleye, smallies, beans and potatoes on the menu. It was a well deserved treat for a long day on the water. Night fishing brought in some huge walleyes in the 24 to 27 inch range but on the other hand none were keepers because of the slot size. Musky again this year were elusive but we know they are out there because of the follows and the slap their tail in your face not today message. One of these trips, one of our Veterans will be boasting of a monster musky catch. This years donations were particularly good but only with the help of Red Reichert’s persistence. This years Semper Fi Warriors received fishing gear, foundation T-shirts and sweat shirts, along with a rib eye and porterhouse steak BBQ Sunday night. Warrior Ed McDonah was the recipient of the largest steak that night for hauling in the biggest fish that day, I think he is still eating it, and Jim “Red” Reichert won some extra tackle for bringing in the largest fish on Tuesday. One of our board Members, Nick Crandall, who was a Semper Fi Warrior last year was up again to help out and he expressed that this years trip was much more fun than the one he was on in 2014. All in all everyone was pleased with this years event and we hope to add more to next years trip and future trips to Lake Vermilion. In 2017 we are planning on adding a five to seven day canoe trip into the boundary waters before heading out to Vermilion Dam Lodge and expanding the head count to six Warriors. My appreciation and love goes out to, Jim “Red” Reichert, Ed McDonah, Darren Young, and Trevor Miller, my Marine Brothers on this years trip!!! Semper Fi men. And a Mighty OOHRAH goes out to Vermilion Dam Lodge, the fishing guide as well as our two new friends Ed Warren Sr. USMC and Ed Warren Jr. for the part they played in this years and hopefully many more trips up North.

2016 TRIP

This years trip will now include six Disabled Veterans, up two from the previous two years which is a sign that we might be growing.  The first year we basically learned on the fly but the three Veterans never complained about anything. It was basically just a fishing experience with great food, some fishing gear, a big fish contest with more gear given away, a shore lunch and good times. Last year the 4 Veterans on the trip had the same amenities but we tossed in a steak dinner, with the Veteran bringing in the biggest fish that day getting the biggest steak. We also had a fire one night where the guys as well as a couple guests and our Muskie guide got together for a night of stories and a few beers. This year we plan on getting up earlier to the lake area to do some fishing along the banks of the Vermilion River for some smallies, then up to the lodge to get settled in. There is a plan in works this year to portage about a mile into Trout Lake for some exceptional Walleye fishing and maybe a Lake Trout or two. The guys can also portage a short quarter mile over to another Walleye lake to fish from canoes if they wish. A shore lunch will probably be the high point of that day to reap the rewards of a good days fishing. There will be the usual gear handouts, the guides shore lunch and our steak dinner, but we will add a couple of new amenities which will be a Muskie package for the first or biggest Muskie caught this year. So far it is the Muskies fooling the veterans into thinking they might catch one, hopefully the Muskie gear will be an incentive for our Veterans to fish harder. We also plan on importing some BBQ out of Texas for dinner one night to help take some load off of the resort owners, but the cook still has to come up with his plan. Its a great time and as we grow we will strive to have the whole resort filled with Veterans at Vermilion Dam Lodge in Minnesota. Wish us luck!!!