help a marine header image        The Semper Fidelis Foundation was founded to support the United States Marines on and off the Battlefield. We send out packages into theater with items they are in need of to help make their deployment somewhat more manageable and to give them the knowledge that we care and are praying that they are safe. If it wasn’t for people who care and organizations like ours, these men and women would have a much heavier burden to carry.

Many Americans take our country’s hard won liberties and freedom for granted. There are many people who do not understand what our Marines go through in battle let alone understand how they deal with war psychologically or how they deal with it continually when they come home.  Our Marines serve and give their lives to protect us, our liberties and freedom we have earned. They protect our American rights and exemplify the highest of values in their service to our country. As they serve, their families live day to day fighting their own battles on the home front…wondering when and if these loved ones will be coming home and for many the battle never ends. Please remember that these Marines stepped forward and made this commitment for us, their families and their beliefs in our freedom.

Now is the time for us to support these men, women and their Marine families through generous donations and volunteer work. Without you there would be no support in giving back. So take your turn to step up and show your support for these brave and loved Marines. A few pennies in a donation box or a hand held out in thanking those who served will go a long way in support of those who defend our country.