Semper Fi Warrior Dogs

The foundation is now in its first year of our dog program and with everything we have taken to task, it is a lot of hard work and expensive. So far 100% of funds have come out of pocket for their food, Veterinary visits, boarding when we are unable to bring them to the shows we attend as well as the purchase of a silver lab female, Autumn Love, who will be our breeding dog. Right now we have Echo, Autumns brother, who was donated to us to give to a specific Marine. There have been some issues we came upon with the service dog end of our training and it is no easy task to train a dog to become a service dog. I won’t get into the politics of service dog training but it is more involve than what you would expect. We also have Bravo, a sweet pet me until your hand falls off puppy. Bravo and his sister Juliet were unselfishly donated to us by Judd Foster of Fostech Arms out of Indiana. Bravo has some issues he needs work on but he would definitely be a great therapy dog if he can’t reach the service dog ranks. His sister Juliet had service dog written all over her but we decided to give her to one of our Semper Fi Warriors, Jim “RED” Reichert, from this years Warrior trip. We set up a meet and greet before the trip and right off the bat they both took to one another. I didn’t want to break that bond so I thought it was best for them to stay together. I’ll have photos soon and keep everyone up to date on the new couple. About eight months from now we will breed Autumn and hope for some exceptional pups. Some will be sold off to help with the various fees and we will be looking for the best of the best to move on with training to be service or therapy dogs. We recently started seeking donations at the shows we attend to help with the dog program and to date there is right around $200 in the dog’s bowl, not much but is does help some. As shows come up for attendance and with the letter writing and more exposure, we will be praying for some outside assistance in helping the Foundation move ahead with getting sevice or therapy dogs to our Veterans in need of help. OOHRAH!!!